About Us

Piccolo Press was established by Tim Honnor in 1985 after he left the Royal Navy. Tim sold the business on in 2012 and Piccolo Press is now privately owned.  Piccolo Press continues to enjoy its fine reputation for supplying high quality specialist print throughout the world. This section will give you some idea of the dedicated and skilled team who work at Piccolo Press.

It is important for our clients to get to know us, even if they are contacting us from the other side of the world.
Many of us have worked together for over twenty five years, thus we are both a 'family’ and a ‘team’.
We are very proud to have received the PrintWeek “Social Stationery Printer of the Year Award for 2011” and been a finalist in these prestigious annual awards in each of the last three years.

You can view a picture of each member of our team, and a description of their particular responsibilities here