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Sunday 24 July 2011 - Diestamping Event at St Brides Library, Fleet Street

Tim Honnor, Chairman of the British Engraved Stationery Association gave a talk on Wednesday 20th July, with slides and films, to over one hundred designers and print buyers, gathered at St Brides Printing Library in Fleet Street.
The event was organised in conjunction with GF Smith, the prestigeous paper merchants, and was to explain the workings of diestamping and the beautiful results that can be achieved thereby.  There were examples of diestamping and engraving for all to see, and a hands on demonstration of engraving onto copperplates.
It is hoped that the print buying and graphics fraternity now have a better understanding of the diestamping process and will consider this unique process when discussing print with their clients.
During the presentation, Tim showed some images of diestamping presses, taken from a leaflet of 1919.  The presses are still much the same!