Diestamping from engraved dies and copperplates is the most opulent of all the processes that lay down ink on paper. It gives sensuously tactile effects, elaborate detail and the outstanding precision of printing with engraved dies.

Once a copper plate or steel die is engraved, it is mounted onto a diestamping press, a large heavily built machine of up to 4.5 tons in weight.
(You can meet our wonderful engraver and see the skills he has by clicking here)

The diestamper has then to cut out a ‘male force’, to exactly mate with the ‘female’ die or copper plate. This is a skilled operation, cutting thick card with a surgeon’s scalpel. The die is then inked over, wiped by a blade and brown paper, before the ink is forced out of the engraved groves with the great pressure of the press, onto the chosen paper or card. (Real engraved stationery can be distinguished by the ‘force mark’ on the reverse of the sheet).

Piccolo has four beautiful Diestamping Presses, built by “Waite& Savill” of Otley over sixty years ago. The videos below show how all the working parts act in harmony.

See Auto Diestamper working here

View our Diestamping gallery here